We are the common witnesses of blockchain. It is also the creator of the industrial Internet era. Great changes in history have come. Blockchain defi will endow every individual with financial ability. Everyone has value in the future. Discover the ability to deliver value. The innovative technology of blockchain YQBtoken will create a new defi financial system. Blockchain is a revolution and a future trend. It is the soul of the next generation Internet. It has gradually become the concern of more people in more industries. It is an earth shaking major reform and change of mankind. No matter who you are. Where are you. Each of us will be part of this great change. Realize value co creation. Rebuild a new financial and business ecosystem.

YQBtoken was born under the background of chain energy economy. Plug blockchain wings into future finance. So this is the thinking direction of our new generation of DFI. YQBtoken is changing the world of Internet finance. Promote the social transformation of digital economy. Playing an increasingly important role. YQBtoken has a unique reward and deflation mechanism. At the same time, it has the mining characteristics of liquidity trading. Specifically speaking, it is. YQBtoken in the holder's wallet will receive dividends from every transaction transfer in the world according to the locked blockchain smart contract. Cannot be tampered with. To ensure that each holder receives fair returns. It is a real decentralized smart contract dividend. And the dividends of each transaction are automatically paid to the wallet in real time. YQBtoken's long-term accumulated dividends in the wallet are also more. Just like people deposit legal currency in the bank to earn interest income. Whether long-term holding or transfer. Transactions. Circulation YQBtoken can generate income.
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